Cryogenic Technique - Industrial automation - Installation - Building Panels - Welding


RLD Support is a service-oriented company with motivated employees. We are there for service, maintenance and the installation of various systems and machines. We also make electro-technical drawings and panels. 

From our workshop, we can quickly deliver control panels to small custom built systems and machines. We also operate internationally and have carried out various small and large projects both at home and abroad, on- and offshore projects.

Cryogenic Technique

RLD Support combines 15 years of cryogenic expertise with 15 years of global installation and commissioning experience.

Industrial automation

RLD Support translates your wishes into an electro-technical diagram and technicians adjust the corresponding control box to it.


RLD Support has a lot of experience in the installation and assembly of various systems and machines.


Our experienced team of welders are certified to work on all types of material such as metal, steel, stainless steel and aluminium. 

Building Panels

We create and deliver custom-made control cabinets and panels.


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