Cryogenic Technique

RLD Support combines 15 years of cryogenic expertise with 15 years of global installation and commissioning experience. Our cryogenic and LNG business starts with experienced insights and first-class LNG installations for ships and ashore.


We offer outstanding services such as maintenance and repair, commissioning and installation of cryogenic and LNG systems. In the fast-growing market for cryogenic and LNG systems, there is an increasing need for installation and commissioning capacity in an in-depth knowledge and experienced personnel, which we have developed over the years. All these cryogenic LNG installations are experiencing significant market growth. In addition, LNG is an alternative fuel for ships and trucks, even considered the most environmentally friendly.


The supply and use of LNG and other liquefied gases require a flexible operation, achieved by a perfect LNG plant layout. The engineering and construction of LNG installations is a complex task, given the applicable rules, regulations and high-quality requirements for a long life span of the installation.


At RLD Support, we believe that both our knowledge and our employees are the very best. We offer a complete range of global services and engineering solutions to the industry, from consultancy, installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs.


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